My new book, "Deepwater" has been released today! This was supposed to be a short story, a diversion from working on the 4th Anrodnes book. ...  [read more]
So I thought I would give an update on the fourth Anrodnes book. This series has turned truly epic in a way I never anticipated. ...  [read more]

Christmas Story

December 5, 2019
So I am still plugging away at the Anrodnes series. The fourth book is giving me fits as it hares off in directions I wasn't ...  [read more]
Just to let everyone know that "Drums in the Rain" is being released today! Hopefully it will be live on all the sites soon!! : )  [read more]

Good news? Or Bad?

June 29, 2019
Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally finished Drums of Rain and it is off to the publisher with a release date of ...  [read more]
At last, Night of Rain has been released!!! Doing a happy dance. : )  [read more]

New Book Cover

April 20, 2019
Coming Last Week in April! Yay!  [read more]

Delay 2.0

April 1, 2019
So this is April 1st, and you guessed it, still no second book. I am so sorry for this second delay, but it is really ...  [read more]

Delay : (

February 26, 2019
So... Sorry to tell you that the second book in the Rain series, Night of Rain, won't be coming out until late March. My editor ...  [read more]

Dark Rain Released!

December 21, 2018
My new story, Dark Rain, the first book in the Chronicles of Anrodnes, was released today! Yay! The second story is finished, and I am ...  [read more]