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Finally! My muse has been sadly missing this last year, but has, at last, wandered back home! Just finished my 30th story, A Winter Fox. This is a story of a general forced to atone for atrocities his uncle committed.

Seems this one is going to be fairly dark, harking back to my original stories. : P

Just glad to be back in the saddle. I’m already writing full time on another story, so the muse is in fine form – for the moment.

I just got the contract back, so the book should come out within a month or so!!

Take Care


So Sorry!

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So Sorry!!! My contact page on my website was down so nobody could contact me there. Not sure how long it was down. After much flailing and gnashing of teeth I think I’ve got it fixed. So if anyone was attempting to get hold of me here, I’m back in existence!!

Damn! Hadn’t realized how long it was since I posted here. Been a hell of a year as so many will empathize with. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. 2021 is Murphy’s Law personified! Writing was impossible and led to more stress, which made writing MORE impossible. Love those vicious circles…

Finally began to truly write again today, so I hope it continues and doesn’t peter out. : P

I am currently working on two stories, both of which are almost finished, if I could just damn well focus!!

“Atone” is over halfway done. “Semblance”, which is going to be renamed “King’s Bane: Siren’s Call 2” is almost finished. So tantalizingly close! So I’ve got my writer’s hat on and fingers crossed.

Surprisingly, what broke the blockage was me creating a map for King’s Bane. Seeing the world I created in front of me, instead of just imagining it, really got me interested again. I don’t know how many writers find that useful, but it sure has worked a miracle for me! All of a sudden I could see the entire plot unfolding…

Anyway, sorry for such a long silence. Have missed everyone in the meantime!

Take Care as Always.

J.C. Owens

The first book of the Poplar Ranch series, Away in a Manger, has just been Re-released from Etopia Press!
This initial story is Christmas themed, in case you didn’t pick up on that from the title, but all other stories in this series will NOT be. Hopefully, within two weeks or so, the second all new story of the series, Stormborn, will be released!!
Take Care

I just finished a new story, Stormborn, the second book in the Poplar Ridge Ranch series.

The first story in the series, Away in a Manger, was a Christmas story, very short. It will be re-released this year and hopefully, Stormborn will be released with it!

Stormborn will NOT be Christmas themed. : )

So I thought I would give an update on the fourth Anrodnes book. This series has turned truly epic in a way I never anticipated. I am struggling to finish the book because I can’t fit all the loose ends in. I have flow charts and maps and pages of character info. I have no idea how people like George R. Martin ever manage to keep things sorted. This started out as a simple concept and has gained a life of it’s own.
So before I throw it out the window, as well as my laptop, I have sent it in to my editor for fresh eyes to go over it.
I am so damned close but have lost all perspective!!! : P
So currently I am taking this break to work on a shorter story. Not sure which one yet, but hoping to step away from intense stress and back into the joy of writing.
I will keep everyone posted of a timeline once I know more myself.
Thank you so much for all the support and patience you have sent my way! Each message is deeply appreciated. : )

Christmas Story

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So I am still plugging away at the Anrodnes series. The fourth book is giving me fits as it hares off in directions I wasn’t anticipating. As usual. 😛
In the meantime, being as its the Christmas season, I am promoting my Christmas story that was released last December.
“Away in a Manger” is the start of a new series, based on ranch life. Near and dear to my heart. If you haven’t seen it yet, look in my titles, (Published as J.C. Owens button) and give it a gander! : )

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally finished Drums of Rain and it is off to the publisher with a release date of August. The good – or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that the original idea of a trilogy is out the window! I could not fit the story into three books no matter how I tried. This entire thing seems to have a life of its own and it doesn’t listen to a thing I say!!!
Anyway, at least four parts now. The story line just keeps growing…

I have to apologize to my readers. I had the full intention of getting to work on “The Emperor’s Wolf” sequel directly after I finished “A Blessing of Rain”, but that has not happened. Instead I couldn’t stop writing the second book in the Rain series, something I have never done before. I don’t do sequels directly after a book is released. I usually need some time to get back to the story after having dealt with edits and just the process of getting a book finished.

Somehow, the Rain series is gripping me and not letting me go.

I just finished the second book. I literally wore myself into the ground to finish it in nineteen days. That’s ridiculous, just so you know. : P

Now I have already started the third installment.

I am beginning to think I am possessed. OK, more than normal. Whatever it is, it’s not letting go.

So all I can promise is that I will get to “The Emperor’s Wolf” sequel as soon as this craziness lets me go. If I survive. I think I have turned into the quintessential hunchback scribe of medieval times. I might never walk properly again…

I finally, after much struggling, finished another book, “A Blessing of Rain”, formerly tentatively titled “Drums in the Rain.”
This one fought me for a long time, and it feels quite different than my other stories, at least to me. It has not ended, but simply paused, and I am going to immediately work on the rest of the story. It just wouldn’t fit into one book no matter how I tried. Anyway, I am sending it off to the publisher tomorrow and will let you know how things progress!
Take Care