King’s Bane


Barnes and Noble



The love of a flashy pirate may be Vaden’s only hope…

Chained in the dungeon of an island fortress, the spoiled young aristocrat Vaden Toldar is being held as bait. The Lasomin navy hopes to lure the pirate captains to their doom—including Vaden’s sister, Captain Melandra Toldar. Most of the captives are already dead, and Vaden is losing hope. But when the colorful pirate Captain Oulin Masoun of the Radical comes to rescue one of his crew, Vaden finds more than simple hope. Captain Oulin Masoun is a man of great passion, who has always tried to “fix” the wounded and broken, and Vaden is certainly that. Oulin is determined not to fall into that trap again, but Vaden proves impossible to resist with his sweetness, vulnerability, and growing determination. But they may not have a choice. Vaden is caught between his warring family—his pirate captain sister and his brother, an admiral in the Lasomin navy set to burn the pirate port of Tarnton to the ground. And Oulin is torn between defending his brethren and the man he’s come to love…

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