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They have one chance at love in an unforgiving sea…

Azai is sailing home with a secret treaty to avoid a war when his ship is destroyed by the mer, a strange, intelligent race living beneath the waves. The diplomat awakens naked on the beach, abandoned on a tropical island far from the shipping lanes and any hope of rescue. He soon discovers the island is not deserted, and he is far from safe. A mysterious stranger shares the jungle with him. Knissic is powerful, intense, and able to communicate with the mer. On the night of the full moon, his inhuman blue eyes gleam when he claims Azai with one word:

But Azai soon learns there are two sides to the enigmatic man. One is the dangerous, powerful, commanding side of Knissic when his half-blood rises during the full moon. The other is a kind and caring but lonely man who freely shares his food and shelter with Azai. Knissic has a deep connection to the mer, and the mer are far different than Azai ever imagined. Soon Azai is forced to question what he believes and what he feels: a mix of fear and friendship, duty and desire. But even as their relationship deepens, Azai knows he must return to his kingdom. A war looms on the horizon, and Azai might be the only man who can stop it. Only Knissic may not let him leave…

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