A Blessing of Rain

November 7, 2018
I finally, after much struggling, finished another book, "A Blessing of Rain", formerly tentatively titled "Drums in the Rain." This one fought me for a long ...  [read more]

And The Winner Is!!!

October 31, 2018
The Winner of the Sequel Contest is - The Emperor's Wolf! Sorry, Sarah! A Siren's Call sequel is in the works, I promise!! ;) ...  [read more]
At long last, I am getting to the end of the re-publishing process! Gaven: The Bonding came out today at MLR Press. Only "Draconian Measures" ...  [read more]

Voting Update!

September 21, 2018
Here are the latest numbers for the voting! Winner announced on Halloween. : ) Emperor’s Wolf – 15 The Falling – 9 Betrayal – 11 Siren’s Call – ...  [read more]

Gaven Re-published!

September 7, 2018
Just to let everyone know that "Gaven" has finally been re-published and is available at MLR Press! I expect it to show up on the ...  [read more]

Update on Voting

August 28, 2018
So here are the latest numbers in the Sequel voting! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. : ) The announcement of the winner ...  [read more]


August 6, 2018
Ok, here are the current results of the voting for the sequel of this year. NO Gaven or Tarsus this time! Any of the others ...  [read more]

2018 Sequels!

July 18, 2018
So, I am a little late to be posting this, but here goes... Just like last year, I am encouraging my readers to vote for ...  [read more]

Wings re-published!

June 23, 2018
Wings has been re-published through Etopia Press! So that's two down out of five titles that are waiting to be re-released since Loose ID closed ...  [read more]
The Emperor's Wolf, the re-published version, was released today! It is edited and changed to reflect the real story, which was cut severely during its ...  [read more]