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A prince imprisoned by duty, a horse lord sworn to find the soulseeker…

Prince Rian is desperate to escape his abusive and tyrannical brother, Arran, the king of Rashma, and save those he loves from his brother’s madness. But after recapturing Rian, the king is taking no chances when he forces the prince back to his duties as general. Arran has hired the Hawks, a group of hardened Zala mercenaries renowned for their battle prowess and skill with horses, to watch the prince. Broken and forced to submit, Rian endures these new bodyguards he knows are spies loyal to his manipulative brother. But Rian has a secret about to be uncovered. At night, when his mental barriers are lowered, he is guarded by the wraith of his dead twin. He can’t hide the wraith from Hamon, the powerful leader of the Hawks who tangles all the emotions within Rian and makes him believe he just might be worthy of love.

When Hamon agreed to guard the prince, he believed it would be a simple task…and allow the Zala to gather information on the expanding kingdom of Rashma. But after witnessing the prince’s unique powers, he suspects Rian might be one of the legendary soulseekers, despite the fact that Rian is not of the Zala and a soulseeker hasn’t been seen in decades… But more than that, he finds himself fascinated and attracted to the prince. Soon he begins to suspect the king has lied about the prince from the very beginning. Yet, how can he convince Rian he’s the true soulseeker and bring him safely to where he’s needed most…


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