Parting Truth

Now RE-Published with Etopia Press
Fourth Book of the ‘Gaven’ Series


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Exiled by his king, his love, Peyton could not have imagined the joy he would discover upon this new, and very different world.


Exiled by his lover, forced into leadership of resentful men, Peyton held no hope for the future. Then he met the Eight, and one of their enigmatic members, Ice. Before long, he was beginning to see his past life in a whole new light, and to discover who he was beneath the layers of submission that had been forced upon him. Unable to discern whether his newfound fascination with Ice is something real, or a desperate attempt to break free of all that stifled him, Peyton embarks on a passionate affair, praying that it will lead to something clean and good, rather than shatter him forever.

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