The Fourth Book of the Gaven Series, Parting Truth, was RE-published today! Now the whole series is available again!  [read more]


January 22, 2021
The second book in the Poplar Ridge Ranch series, Stormborn, was released today! : ) Love these characters!  [read more]

Away in a Manger

November 20, 2020
The first book of the Poplar Ranch series, Away in a Manger, has just been Re-released from Etopia Press! This initial story is Christmas themed, in ...  [read more]


October 30, 2020
I just finished a new story, Stormborn, the second book in the Poplar Ridge Ranch series. The first story in the series, Away in a ...  [read more]
At long last, with many delays and twists and agonizing, the fourth and final book of the main story line of the Chronicles of ...  [read more]
The second book of the Gaven series has been Re-Released! Two more to go!!  [read more]
My new book, "Deepwater" has been released today! This was supposed to be a short story, a diversion from working on the 4th Anrodnes book. ...  [read more]
So I thought I would give an update on the fourth Anrodnes book. This series has turned truly epic in a way I never anticipated. ...  [read more]

Christmas Story

December 5, 2019
So I am still plugging away at the Anrodnes series. The fourth book is giving me fits as it hares off in directions I wasn't ...  [read more]
Just to let everyone know that "Drums in the Rain" is being released today! Hopefully it will be live on all the sites soon!! : )  [read more]