Winter Fox Released!

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My thirtieth book, Winter Fox, has just been released!

When a hero becomes a slave, his greatest enemy might be his only hope…

Albion Rasendin, the renowned general known as the White Fox, has only one option to save the lives of his men: surrender. After a war that nearly ripped two nations apart, Albion knows he’ll be executed. The victor, Prince Treynar Massan, has other plans. Locking a slave collar around Albion’s throat, the prince hopes to sully the legend of the cunning and elusive Winter Fox. But Draven, the prince’s bastard half-brother, sees only an act of dishonor and the undoing of the man he once secretly loved.

It breaks Draven’s heart to see Albion enslaved and humiliated. Before the war, he had studied tactics under the White Fox, until family honor demanded he use those tactics to defeat him. But family honor can be a slippery thing, and secrets don’t always stay hidden. When Draven learns that the war against Albion might have been unjust, he uncovers secrets he was never meant to learn. Yet, his love for Albion cannot be destroyed by lies and obsession. He’s forced to make choices that will shake his world to the core, creating both a nightmare and, just maybe, one final hope for a life with the man he loves…

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  1. Bogusia says:

    Yay, very happy to hear that

  2. Cathy says:

    The Winter Fox is a wonderful book. Your characters leapt from the page making the book impossible to put down. Thank you.

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