The Chosen



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THIS IS A REPUBLISHED TITLE!!! Originally published in 2012 with Ellora’s Cave. Updated and republished January 2017 with Etopia Press.

A lost soul. A forbidden love. Between them stands a mad god…

Mikon lives a simple life leading trade caravans and taking care of his brother. His newest caravan is headed through the Deadlands, transporting prisoners taken by the Tacartian army. The prisoners are the legendary warriors known as the Masaari, led by the unforgettable Satarin. Powerful. Beautiful. Dangerous. But when a magic-driven sandstorm strikes and the prisoners escape, Mikon is captured and taken into the desert to the secret home of the Masaari. There he will face a test unlike any other. Is he the soul of Kei, the lover of a god? Or is he only Mikon…the simple man who can’t get Satarin out of his mind?

As The Chosen, Satarin has a duty to yield up his body to the god Janizar so the god might indulge in carnal pleasures. In order to get his people home, Satarin is willing to make any sacrifice. Now, in Mikon, the Masaari finally have the soul their god yearns for. Only the god is in love with a lie, and the new Mikon is slowly capturing Satarin’s heart.

As Satarin struggles to protect both his people and Mikon, the god soon wants more. Janizar demands Satarin give up everything, his body and his mind, losing Mikon forever so Kei might return. Defiance will lead to death, but how can Satarin deny the desire burning in his soul…?

**Newly revised and expanded by the author! Enjoy the unforgettable tale of love between Mikon and Satarin**

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