GRL 2017

By on October 30, 2017 in News from J.C.

It was so amazing to attend GRL! Met so many people! I can now link names to faces of authors and readers that I have known about for years. People told me about how my stories had affected them, and it was the most wonderful gift I could have received. I think we forget how words can mean so much, have such immense effects, change things. It humbles me to think that anything I have created could help anyone in need, and I am grateful for the chance to discover that. Thank you, so much, for those who were open and giving in their discussions with me. I have taken those encounters to heart and feel a renewed need to write!
It was also inspiring to see the freedom with which people could be themselves, in whatever form made them happy. Men walking hand in hand, free to show complete love, people able to shed gender and become anything at all. The acceptance, the friendships. The lack of judgement. I just wish the outside world could mirror even a fraction of this…

Take Care


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  1. Maryste says:

    I’m so glad you had such a great time !!! We’re pretty lucky to live in this period of time, the acceptance and freedom are improving faster and faster even though there is still a lot of room to grow. People should be allowed to live however they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. There will come a time when this dream is not an utopia anymore and when being oneself will not gather strange looks.
    Well, I’m also glad that you felt a renewed need to write (^^). There was a time when you were kinda down so it pleases me to hear you say you feel so much better.

    Take care as well !!!


    • jcowens says:

      That would be lovely to live in such a world, Maryste! Until then, we can only work towards it in our own little, day to day way. : )