Gaven and Tarsus Win!

By on September 1, 2017 in News from J.C.

Well, the sequels count is in! Gaven won by a landslide, so for September and October, I will be working on Ice’s story, Parting Truth. In a surprise win, Tarsus came in second! I did not even have a sequel in mind, but already plots are brewing… ; )

Don’t worry. I will hold another sequel contest next year, for two more fall sequels!! Thanks so much for voting, I really enjoyed this…

Gaven universe – 22
Wings universe – 14
Emperor’s Wolf universe – 8
Tarsus universe – 16
Taken universe – 7
The Falling universe – 8
Dragon Forge universe – 9
Wishes universe – 7
Betrayal universe – 7
Ice Prince universe – 6
Soulseeker universe – 6
The Chosen universe – 6

 2 Responses to “Gaven and Tarsus Win!”

  1. Daphne Wallace says:

    Greetings Ms. Owens,

    Thank you so much for considering Tarsus. I love all of your stories and their heroes, but Tarsus is my favorite. I would love to see Uriel and Hylos find loves of their own – maybe among the Silvermanes?

  2. Bogusia says:

    Can’t wait for Ice’s story!