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First Book in the ‘Tarsus’ Series.

The despised white centaur may be the key to Varan’s heart.

Born into hatred, his odd white coat a source of disgust to his centaur tribe, Tarsus is well used to mockery and contempt. But when he’s kidnapped from his high-blood family by a rival faction, he realizes his torment has only begun. Beaten and sentenced to death, he’s brought before the princess Nalain, heir to the centauran throne. But rather than order his execution, Nalain gives him to her brother, the general Varan, as a servant, a plaything to amuse him before the hideous white centaur’s eventual, inescapable death.

The huge centauran Varan is disgusted with his new servant, yet he soon begins to see the gentle soul that lies beneath the filthy, matted white hide. Even as a captive, the young centaur strives to be of service to all around him, even to those who show him nothing but contempt. Odd, given his bloodline; son to the feared and powerful Shar, whose evil has caused so much suffering for the centaurs of Varan’s tribe. It’s not long before Varan finds himself drawn to Tarsus in ways he never dreamed possible, and the passion that stirs between them becomes something that neither can live without. Until war comes to the centaurs, and with it rumors that Tarsus might not be the guileless servant he seems, and how everything Varan has ever known; his clan, his home, his love for Tarsus; is doomed.

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