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So here are the latest numbers in the Sequel voting! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. : )
The announcement of the winner will be on Halloween, Oct. 31!
I get back to full time writing on September 1st, so my updates will be more regular…

Emperor’s Wolf – 12
The Falling – 8
Betrayal – 10
Siren’s Call – 9
Wings – 4
Dragon Forge – 1
Farfall – 2
The Darkest Hour –10
Ice Prince – 1
Soulseeker – 1

Ok, here are the current results of the voting for the sequel of this year. NO Gaven or Tarsus this time! Any of the others are possible. Not to mention surprise votes came in for “The Darkest Hour”, the short story under “Tidbits” on my site! I didn’t think anyone had even read it!!

Emperor’s Wolf – 11
The Falling – 7
Betrayal – 7
Siren’s Call – 9
Wings – 3
Dragon Forge – 1
Farfall – 1
The Darkest Hour – 8
Ice Prince – 1

So, I am a little late to be posting this, but here goes…
Just like last year, I am encouraging my readers to vote for the sequel you most want!
Last year, the Gaven series and Tarsus won, so they are NOT in the running this time.
All others are possible.
Also, I am only doing one sequel this year, as life is getting in the way!!
Can’t wait to find out the winner on October 31! My favorite day!

Take Care

Loose ID closed

on May 13, 2018 in News from J.C. Comments Off on Loose ID closed

As most of you probably already know, Loose Id has closed. That means that Gaven, Gaven: The Bonding, Draconian Measures, The Emperor’s Wolf, and Wings, will temporarily be unavailable. They are going to be divided between Etopia Press and MLR, and hopefully will soon be re-released.
I would like to say how proud I am of the way Loose Id has done this closure, with good communication and honesty. What an obvious difference to Ellora’s Cave and All Romance and the debacle of their closure. Loose Id has demonstrated how it can and should be done.
I wish all their staff the best!! : )
Take Care

Tarsus 2 Finished!

on February 22, 2018 in News from J.C. Comments Off on Tarsus 2 Finished!

Yay! Finished Tarsus 2 today. Will be sending it off to the publisher as soon as I go over it. That means both of the sequels that you voted for are done. Still waiting on word for when “Parting Truth” will be released. : )
Take Care


on November 13, 2017 in News from J.C. 5 Comments »

Wow! Finished two stories in one day! That has to be a first. Finished “Away in a Manger”, a short Christmas story, written for a challenge, and finally finished the Gaven sequel I have been promising, “Parting Truth”, Ice’s story. Will let you know a publishing date as soon as I know!

Now, I will focus on “Farfall” and the Tarsus sequel that was promised. : )

Take Care



Christmas Story

on November 13, 2017 in News from J.C. Comments Off on Christmas Story

I just finished a short Christmas story, which was written for a Christmas Short Story challenge. I have never written a specific Christmas story before, so this is new. We’ll see what the publisher says. It is based on an Alberta ranch. : )

Take Care


It was so amazing to attend GRL! Met so many people! I can now link names to faces of authors and readers that I have known about for years. People told me about how my stories had affected them, and it was the most wonderful gift I could have received. I think we forget how words can mean so much, have such immense effects, change things. It humbles me to think that anything I have created could help anyone in need, and I am grateful for the chance to discover that. Thank you, so much, for those who were open and giving in their discussions with me. I have taken those encounters to heart and feel a renewed need to write!
It was also inspiring to see the freedom with which people could be themselves, in whatever form made them happy. Men walking hand in hand, free to show complete love, people able to shed gender and become anything at all. The acceptance, the friendships. The lack of judgement. I just wish the outside world could mirror even a fraction of this…

Take Care


GRL Retreat

on October 17, 2017 in News from J.C. Comments Off on GRL Retreat

I am leaving tomorrow for GRL Retreat in Denver. Nervous and excited all rolled into one. Can’t wait to meet other authors, and really, really hope I can meet some of the people on my mailing list, the ones who have supported me through thick and thin! Should be a learning experience… : )

Take Care


Well, the sequels count is in! Gaven won by a landslide, so for September and October, I will be working on Ice’s story, Parting Truth. In a surprise win, Tarsus came in second! I did not even have a sequel in mind, but already plots are brewing… ; )

Don’t worry. I will hold another sequel contest next year, for two more fall sequels!! Thanks so much for voting, I really enjoyed this…

Gaven universe – 22
Wings universe – 14
Emperor’s Wolf universe – 8
Tarsus universe – 16
Taken universe – 7
The Falling universe – 8
Dragon Forge universe – 9
Wishes universe – 7
Betrayal universe – 7
Ice Prince universe – 6
Soulseeker universe – 6
The Chosen universe – 6